Friday, May 31, 2013

Goals check-in: May

Here's my end-of-the-month wrap-up regarding my 2013 goals:

PLEASURE READING. I took advantage of the public library's hold system and reserved the maximum number of books at one time, then went and picked them up and started requesting holds again when I was mostly done with that batch.
Over the long weekend for Memorial Day, I covered myself in kittens and accomplished some housework, which makes me feel like I've got a handle on things.


2 garbage bags of trash (aside from our usual household output)
1 box to Out of the Closet
Cleared out most of the boxes in the kitchen and sorted through memorabilia from my childhood (most of it left the apartment).
Went through ALL of the cloth/canvas bags in the house and donated 80% of the collection; the rest are saved for groceries and the library.

Spend Time and Money Wisely

Paid off my grad student loans!
Snowflaked several small amounts from Amazon sales into the adoption fund, and started a new sub-account for "Leisure" (which functionally means my best friend's wedding in 2014 and any other travel expenses in the meantime).
Added my wife's accounts to and adjusted our new joint budget based on the total income. We're in good shape.
Visited church for the first time in about six months. Seems like it would make sense to go once or twice a month, but probably no more until I feel like the rest of my life is caught up post-graduation. It's a lot like a vacuum hose into my energy reserves.

Keep Learning
Selected things I Googled: ankle strap vintage "low heel", all grown up and saving china, audra mcdonald in concert, Betsy-Tacy, b'sha'ah tovah meaning, chupahija, expatriate diplomatic immunity, fat women in space, how old is tiger woods, hk style flowers, Kian and Remee Hodgson, library photo release, machine washable suit, people never really go to heaven when they die. they're taken to a special room and burned., rosita y conchita, scalloped potatoes recipe, yeoldegangster

Try New Things

Fried something (lumpia) in oil (and didn't injure myself). My sister and I made a big batch, and although I had done that a few times before, I'd always delegated the deep-frying to someone else.
We put hanging planters on our fire escape... will see if anything comes of them.

Crossed off things on my 101 List

  • 12. Get a master's degree
  • 96. Pay back all my grad school loans

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