Monday, May 20, 2013

At last! Final grades are in.

I have been compulsively refreshing the D2L webpage while waiting on my final grade in LIBR 285... and now I can close that tab forever!

LIBR 285 Research MethodsB-
My last two assignment grades were higher than I'd expected, honestly, and resulted in a final grade of 86.5%. That is officially the lowest grade I've received for any course in the MLIS program, so I'm not proud of that... but on the other hand, considering the circumstances of this trying semester, I'll take it -- and gladly!

LIBR 289 e-portfolioCR
We already know I passed this one. 

LIBR 294 Internship, Chicago Public LibraryCR
The official total is 97%, but the point is that I earned credit for the course. And my site supervisor indicated that he was pleased with my work for the Summer Learning Challenge, and that I can use the work in a professional portfolio.

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