Friday, April 19, 2013

Nearing the finish line... too tired to care.

Well, I've completed almost all of the work necessary to earn my MLIS. I'm not celebrating yet, though. Not only do I have a couple of hoops to jump through, but also I'm not really in the mood.

I'm still reeling over the feedback from my e-portfolio that I received earlier this week. (I submitted it on Sunday and got it back Tuesday -- that was the best part about the whole process.) You know how we give feedback sandwiches in coaching? This one was a Dagwood.

I passed, by the way. I didn't do a big announcement post, because it honestly didn't feel like an accomplishment. It felt like a blow to my foundational philosophy of info management and my fitness for future library service. I wasn't actually sure -- after reading through the comments twice -- that I had passed. The word "Congratulations" at the end was my main cue, but the feedback of "I struggled with failing you for this" and "overwritten, inefficient, and too descriptive" (despite being "technically and stylistically superb"?) nearly outweighed it.

But I passed. I am TRYING to focus on that and accept it as sufficient. I can always rewrite sections of the e-port if I want to use it for something else. Otherwise, I never have to deal with it again.

I also pulled my first literal all-nighter since undergrad last night to finish my literature view for LIBR 285. It was originally due the same date as my e-port, and that just wouldn't have happened. The class as a whole was given an extension, though; I pulled something together and submitted it at 7:52 AM. I'm not happy with it -- it's an interesting topic to read about, and I could have expanded a few sections in the lit review and even quoted from half a dozen more references I ran out of time to format -- but better to get partial credit than none at all (or even the 10% penalty if I'd taken an extra day to turn it in). Again, I'm reduced to just wanting to pass. I'm really burned out.

Now I have just one more paper to write -- a research proposal due at the end of the term -- and the rest of my internship hours to complete (one big report, most likely). And some reading and class discussion, where I've flagged recently while completing these big assignments. And eventually -- if I squeak by in LIBR 285 -- I will graduate. I am trying to care.

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