Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Internship Week Whatever This Was

Oof. I really enjoyed researching digital storytelling and watching/listening to examples of both professionals and novices at the craft. It was fascinating. But by the time I'd spent 3 weeks on the topic, I was NOT pleased to be writing a paper on it. Especially since I ended up staying awake until 3AM a couple nights in a row to do so.

On the plus side, I shared a link with my site supervisor, because I thought it could help inspire content in the summer learning program, only to be told that it fit very nicely into my next assignment, which is about tying youth services into the new makerspace opening this summer at the Harold Washington Library Center. Serendipity! Now I'm going to have to interview some of my geeky crafty friends, because I am as far from a maker as it is possible to be. :/ 3D stuff -- cloth, clay, most types of visual art -- spatial understanding, kinesthetics:  all of that seems to slip through my fingers. I can work out cause and effect, and I think I would probably be good at the type of organization and logic required for coding... but physical engineering just isn't me. I've never understood the attraction.

But I like explaining things, so I'm going to start by looking over the Instructables contest and from there come up with family-friendly activities CPL can use this summer.


  1. Well, if this was posted April 9, it's week 11 for me, but I'm not sure what it is for you. I'm entering credit for weeks 9 and 10 today. Sharing that link with your site supervisor shows your proactive approach--it is indeed serendipitous that the content you linked to related to your next assignment. Your positive attitude will get you through, even if you're not a "maker."

    1. Sleep deprivation aside, I forgot whether I was using the naming convention where I post about my work in the week prior and number it with that prior week's number, or whether I use the number of the week it's actually posted. With due dates on Mondays it gets a tad confusing. (Oh, and there was supposed to be spring break in there, too.) :)


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