About Me

I am a still-shiny full-time public librarian. 

My name is Remy Timbrook. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2013 I received a Master's degree for Library and Information Science (MLIS) from San Jose State (SJSU), and in 2015 I joined the Oakland Public Library as a teen librarian. In this blog, MLISunderstanding, I write sporadically about my work, studies, internships, books I read to myself and others, library advocacy, my forays into homemaking, personal finance, big hairy audacious goals, and work/life balance. Everything I write is my own opinion; it's not that of my employer, my alma mater, or any advertiser.

© 2012 Sarah Deragon

Likes: cats, glitter, purple, puns, escapist fiction, ice cream, Netflix, Facebook events, correct spelling, home/garden improvement projects, Google Drive, comments, and the Oxford comma

Dislikes: spammers, putting down the clipboard, burpees, misplaced apostrophes, spiders, a credit-based economy, people who stand in the front of the bus blocking everyone who's trying to get through to the back where there is PLENTY OF SPACE if you would just MOVE YOUR FEET a little...

You can find me on Facebook if you've been in class with me, know my alias at my last job, or have seen my baby pictures; or you can admire my cornucopia of customer service experience and library internships on LinkedIn if you're looking to connect professionally. My emphasis in my studies, my internships, and my volunteer work has been on youth services and literacy education; I'm happy to be making that a full-time pursuit.