Thursday, October 14, 2010

Possible Courses

From the current list at, I think these sound interesting.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Application Time!

Application filing for Fall 2011 at SJSU opened October 1st. I glanced through the registration materials and quickly realized that I'd need a separate calendar just for school stuff.

Some notes for now:

*Oct 1 - Mar 31st Application for Graduate School Program
*Jan 1 - Mar 2nd FAFSA 2011-2012
*Jan 31 deadline to receive W-2 (needed for FAFSA)

LIBR 200 Information and Society
(3 units)
LIBR 202 Information Retrieval (3 units)
LIBR 203: Online Social Networking: Technology and Tools (1 unit)
LIBR 204 Information Organizations and Management (3 units)

I think my first term should have 203 (required in first 4 weeks of the first semester) and 200. That would be 4 units to ease me in. After that, 202 and 204 -- and probably another course (an elective?) if my first term was really easy. I really do want to try a full-time course load even though I'm working. I think I will take courses year-round (summer term, too). I have started to reduce outside obligations so that I will have more free study time.

I have to apply under Special Session because I do not live in San Jose. There are different fees for Special Session: a flat rate of $474/unit. The MLIS degree requires completion of 43 units, so that's a total tuition cost of $20,382 (not allowing for any changes in fees, which -- considering the economic climate in California's educational system -- are likely), probably spread over about two and a half years.

I don't know if I'll qualify for much federal financial aid, because I have steady full-time income and no dependents. Special Session students are not eligible for state financial aid. There are many scholarships from SJSU, and I may qualify for some of them, but not until my second year (must have completed at least 8 courses). Some sources say "minimum of 4 course units" for scholarship eligibility, and some say "full-time", which is more than 6 units according to the Regular Session fee schedule. That might not be a problem if I stay busy, but might matter if I needed to take one part-time/light term. I should also look at FASTWeb for national scholarships and grants. And as soon as my undergraduate loan is paid off (end of 2010), I should apply the same monthly payment to savings for my first term or two.

For now, I have filled out most of the online application form and saved it. I need to request a transcript from my alma mater and also confirm how many units I completed there, my GPA, and my date of graduation; then I can submit my application, mail the transcript, and pay a $55 application fee.