Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tax Refunds and Snowballing, part 2

I forgot about state taxes! I mean, I didn't FORGET... I filed mine. Ours. (California Registered Domestic Partners, filing jointly at the state level. It was complicated.) And we got a refund from that, too! It just hit my account.

Although I'd said I was going to start saving more toward the vacation goal, it turns out that the state tax refund was enough to fund the rest of the 2014 vacation savings altogether. AND there was a chunk left over that I added to this year's Xmas savings. Now I'm increasing the Xmas goal by two-thirds. We may even be able to get a tree this year!!

Looks like I'll have to recalibrate how much of the savings goes into the adoption fund... and maybe some will now be free for a larger down payment on a house. Someday.

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