Friday, May 3, 2013

Internship Week 14: Housekeeping

We're rounding the corner into the end of the semester, and I'm nearly done with the CPL internship. This is the standard weekly report (just shorter this time).

I am writing the Makerspace report with suggestions for how CPL can serve youth (in addition to the primary audience of adult patrons) in their new makerspace this summer. That should be complete by the end of next weekend.

Concurrently I'm writing up my final report for LIBR 294: evaluating how I've met the student learning outcomes I selected at the beginning of the internship and discussing my experience with the virtual internship setup. That's due by May 13th.

I also checked in with my site supervisor about the end-of-term paperwork. I asked him for input on my 3rd learning outcome, so that I can include information about how my work throughout the semester has contributed to the overall planning of the summer learning program. When I have that, I'll also need to address the possibility of including some of the internship work in my professional portfolio going forward. It wouldn't be a huge blow not to have it, but it would be nice to be able to display and discuss some of that work.

Total hours so far: 127 out of 135. I'm all set to fulfill the requirements along with the end of the report (although I mentioned in my email that if necessary, I can put in a few more hours on a volunteer basis after the report's turned in).

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  1. Yes, it would be very good if you could use some of your internship work in your portfolio. It won't hurt to ask.


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