Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Things to Do After School Lets Out

This is not exactly "Things to Do After Grad School" or even "Things To Do After (any type of) Graduation". It's more a brief compilation of my thoughts on "SUMMER VACATION IS COMING YAAAAAAAAAAY". *ahem*

So, things I would rather be doing now (instead of final projects) but will wait a couple of weeks to tackle:

  • sleeping / reading / enjoying the sun in small non-toxic quantities
  • decluttering and moving furniture around the apartment
  • rearranging and stocking the pantry (including adding a set of wall shelves and a hand-me-down spice rack)
  • walking around the neighborhood / taking Zumba class / getting reacquainted with regular stretching and a default posture that is NOT in front of the computer
  • playing with my friends' kids
  • playing with my friends
  • having people over (after the decluttering and furniture rearranging)
  • writing more for work (maybe pushing for the wireframe revamp I really want to work on)
  • framing and hanging art
  • completing goals on my 101 List
  • planning/booking our Big Vacation
  • adding more books to my Amazon store
  • writing questions for Read-Aloud and updating LibraryThing
  • loving on my wife and cats

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