Sunday, May 19, 2013

I've graduated!

Although the SJSU commencement ceremony won't be until the 25th, SLIS had its own celebration on Saturday. Along with many of my far-flung classmates, I did not attend but observed virtually on YouTube. (While I envy the academics their velvet-striped sleeves, I was relieved to escape purchasing a "lemon yellow" hood for the occasion.)

Here is the convocation recording from 2013 (graduates who completed their studies in in Summer 2012, Winter 2012, and Spring 2013):

8:48 -- Dr. Sandy Hirsh, Director of School of Library and Information Science
15:30 -- Dr. Charlie Bullock, Dean of College of Applied Sciences and Arts
19:15 -- Shelli Owens, recipient of the Ken Haycock award
29:00 -- Donna Scheeder, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress
48:25 -- graduates walk to receive diplomas/hoods
49:00 -- Gateway PhD
51:15 -- MARA
52:45 -- MLIS
1:54:18 -- me!! (I wasn't there in person, so like many of the graduates they read my name and skipped to the next graduate present. I submitted my photo for the slideshow, but I guess it's being shown off-screen.)


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    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to diving into a pile of summer reading (both adult and YA) now that classes are done. Anything you've particularly liked that I should add?


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