Friday, May 10, 2013

Greek Yogurt for the Lactose-Sensitive

I'm not usually one to post photos of my meals. Usually I just want to eat them! And to be honest, plating presentation ain't my strong point. Nonetheless, here is my lunch:

Greek yogurt with blackberries, oat cereal, and honey

After many years of thinking that I detested yogurt (bolstered by the lactose thing), I recently discovered that I actually like Greek yogurt a lot. It's thick and creamy, doesn't have that sour taste I remember from childhood, and (in the first one of the brands I've tried, anyway) is a lot closer to eating ice cream than health food. But it has calcium! And protein! And actually doesn't bother my tummy. (Although I can't speak for all levels of lactose intolerance, here's some info about why Greek yogurt may not be as much of a problem as other dairy.)

So today when I was feeling peckish, I dumped some plain nonfat Greek yogurt into a bowl, added the last of the blackberries we had in the fridge, tossed in a handful of oat cereal for crunch, and drizzled it with blackberry honey. (Fancy! My sweetie picked some up at the market yesterday.) Easy, filling, nutritious. And now gone. Yum!

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