Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Internship Week 15: Wrapping It Up

So in this last week of the CPL internship, when I'm writing my final report for LIBR 294, I got some of the feedback I've been wanting to hear!

Your research and reports have been a great asset to us over the summer. We purchased duplos for all 80 of our locations for use in creative play this summer, and your report helped us write a FAQ sheet and provided content for a presentation on the initiative at our system-wide SLC orientation. Your work on challenge cards will also be incorporated into this summer's curiosity kits, which will be used by all our branches this summer to encourage creative play and summer learning. Your research and piece on Tumblr also directly assisted us in providing content for the Teen component of this summer's SLC and we used parts of it in our System-wide SLC orientation. We are going to have a library Tumblr for teens who participate and create things for this summer's program and with many of our librarians not being familiar with the platform, your pp was very useful. And I'm sure your makerspace report will assist us in planning family program for the space when in opens this June. 

Your work this year has touched all aspects of our program, from early childhood initiatives (duplos), school age (curiosity kits) and teens (Tumblr). My coworkers and I appreciated your assistance, knowledge and professionalism. It has been a very busy year of planning and change for us in our department and your work has a been great help.  

(Yes, that's going in the report. It's the last piece I needed.)

I'll be making one last push this weekend to complete the makerspace report, and that will bring me across the finish line of 135 hours. (Right now I'm at 130.)

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