Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goals check-in: March

Here's my end-of-the-month wrap-up regarding my 2013 goals:


OMG. Took time off work to study and rest. Tried not to feel guilty.
Tiny Tumblr Animals


1 "box" (full of nearly-new throw pillows) to new neighbors
1 garbage bag of trash (aside from our usual household output)

Spend Time and Money Wisely

I took a day off (my scheduled day off from work, when I'd normally be doing homework) and spent an afternoon at Fairyland with an acquaintance and her two little kids. We ran around the playground, rode the tram, and slid down a teeny-tiny hill on cardboard scraps. I wore 85+ sunscreen and walked half an hour there and back, and was actually kind of tuckered out when I got home (after a brief stop at the library).
I also started a small Sekrit Project to be revealed later this year.

Notable transactions:

  • Frozen french fries instead of homemade when I was trying to get homework done
  • Unbudgeted steak to make a special dinner for my sweet tired wife
  • lots of meat

Keep Learning

Global Village School is a private online school for self-directed learners... including adults!

Selected things I Googled: homeschool in California ISP, Charlotte Mason method, difference between blackmail and extortion, Matthew effect, how to pronounce habemus papam, marshmallow origin, Marfan syndrome, videlicet, irc set topic, equipoise, traffic laws funeral procession, kosher passover pudding, can you tell blood type from cheek swab, latin name bobcat

Try New Things

I made an actual meal, from scratch, entirely by myself, for maybe the first time ever. That is, it was the most complicated cooking I've done in a long while. (I've certainly made food from boxes, cans, and raw ingredients before -- and I've made Thanksgiving dinner! with help -- but usually they're stews or casseroles. This involved substituting ingredients based on what we had in the house and what I could/would eat and what we needed to use up, eyeballing measurements for half of an actual recipe, reducing a sauce, TASTING and then adjusting, and managing side dishes at the same time.)
And then I baked honeycake! Same thing with swapping out ingredients.
Oh! And I adapted a beans & greens soup recipe to use leftovers. I call it Grumpy Kitty soup. It was AMAZING.

Crossed off thing on my 101 List:

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