Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Day in the Life: Thursday

This week I am cataloging my daily activity for Hack Library School's "Library Student Day in the Life" project (#HLSDITL). You can read others' posts -- and see pictures and videos -- here. Maybe you want to write your own!


7-10 AM: Ahahahahahahahahaha NO.
And apparently I have dreadful dreams as well.
11 AM: Ouch. Muscle and joint aches, stuffy head and nose... adding a cold or flu to this week would not be good.

3 responses to my school emails of yesterday. No one cursed me out or pre-emptively gave me a failing grade. (Not that they really would, but the weasel-brain doesn't know that. See also: brain weasels, vampires.)

Read more class assigned reading and commented in the discussion forums.

Caught up on Teh Intarnets -- email, FB, Reader, DITL, and so forth. A classmate left an encouraging comment on Tuesday's catastrophe. Rents in SF are abysmal (those who are neither local nor Manhattanites, you will probably wince and/or experience a moment of Tourette's). Yes, you can be a good person and still be racist. Now stop being racist.

12 PM: Did I mention I finished Anne of the Island last night? Planning its replacement, but not until I get some actual hard schoolwork done this afternoon. Pleasure reading is both a good break and a reward.

(a reminder^^)

Wrote this blog post (so far). Broke up a feline disagreement. Now they are mutually grooming.

Put away clean silverware and washed a drainerful of dishes and some kitchen knives. There are many more dishes. :/

1  PM: My wife came home for lunch. I think she is sticking closer to home to be supportive, and it's nice. I heated up leftover meatloaf and rice for her, and steamed some zucchini. I had zucchini and a slice of pumpkin pie. It's also squash! Later I'll have something else. She promised to sautee the red chard from our produce box tonight. Yum!

She introduced me to a kittencam of a new foster litter. Seriously adorable, even when sleeping.

Remember Seanan McGuire's "Across the Digital Divide"? Still good.

2  PM: Tidied up in Not doing too shabbily in the first week of the month. Celebrated by eating Thin Mints.

3  PM: Wrote down the outline for the remaining parts of the Tumblr report. Will fill that in later and add the citations.

Revisited the core competencies I need to write about for my e-portfolio. Made notes about what I could include for each. I do not feel very Masterly. But I do have at least one thing for every competency. (Although I never learned about preservation... another reason why a hands-on internship would've been helpful.)

4  PM: More core competencies.

Zeroed my inbox. Updated DITL post.

5  PM: Switched to reading articles about Youth & Libraries (like programming, use of space, building design, etc.). This is for the Research Methods class (LIBR 289); we're each supposed to submit 8 abstracts to share with our small research group (that's the topic assigned to mine). I'm woefully behind on that, so now I get to catch up with the past 2-3 weeks' work.

Inside board books: Representations of people of color.
Producing Storytime: A Collectivist Analysis of Work in a Complex Communicative Space
The Access Gap: Poverty and Characteristics of School Library Media Centers

Responded to more discussion posts in the LIBR 289 forums.

Peckish at 5:50. By the time I bake the frozen potpie, it will be almost time for dinner. Derp. Grabbed an apple from the produce box and added some peanut butter. Maybe I'll have the potpie tomorrow.

6  PM: More reading.

Checked work email (bad!) and took a research survey about emoticons:

7  PM: Put away dishes and washed some more. Helped prepare dinner.

Our household collectively has a crush on Rachel Maddow.
Dinner! Leftover meatloaf, baked potatoes, and red chard.

8  PM: Dessert. Google Reader. The Neighbors.

The wife's first attempt at sourdough bread fell flat. Literally. However, still tasted good with some Earth Balance Soy Free Non-Dairy Buttery Spread.

9  PM: Wrote my week 7 discussion response for LIBR 294 -- it was about working remotely and the recent Yahoo! policy change.

10-11 PM: Cuddled up and watched Vera Drake while reading more research articles.

Ordered the March Read Aloud books from Amazon and (I had a coupon for 4th-book-free, and they happened to have just 4 of the books I'd selected for Women's History Month).

Refilled cat water and fed them coconut oil.


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