Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Spring! (Food and David Sedaris)

Last night we went to a leftist-Ashkephardic-English-language Seder where half of us were not of the tribe of Israel and exactly one could sing the Hebrew. The food was great. So was the company. I stuffed myself on gluten-free kugel and salad with avocado and orange, and laughed at the limericks with Yiddish punchlines. (The Ten Plagues finger puppets went missing, though... next year (in Jerusalem).) As the youngest in the room of speaking age, I not only read the 4 Questions but also was the one to find the afikomen. Yay!

Now we're headed to my aunt's for Easter brunch, where -- thankfully, perhaps -- she will serve quiche. I don't eat quiche, but I'm mostly full from Passover, so I'll be fine. I made some muffins, bought croissants, and I suspect there may be bacon. Or fruit salad. I'll get to see the little cousins, since this is the first Easter I've had free from church choir in about 6 years.

Then, once back at home, IF I could possibly be hungry for dinner, there are lamb shanks and roasted garlic from the slow cooker. I think we'll roast some (enormous!) Brussels sprouts and use the rest of the latke mix we opened on Good Friday. (Did I mention our household has an... eclectic sense of holiday?)

This is a track my beloved posts every year on Easter. It's only slightly more mixed up than we are. Enjoy.
David Sedaris talks about the Rabbit of Easter

Happy holiday of your choice, and may you have sunshine for it!

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