Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Week in the Life of a Library Student

Next week I will be cataloging my daily activity for Hack Library School's "Library Student Day in the Life" project (#HLSDITL). Because of the inadequacies of contemporary time travel, I'll be backdating my posts: that is, I'll live my day, write it up, and then publish it with a post timestamp of, say, noon from that same day.   So don't worry if it looks like I haven't posted anything on Monday -- just check back on Tuesday, and so on. If you have my blog in your feedreader, you'll get the new post at the time I click the Publish button, and I believe it will show up at the top instead of near other posts from noon. Don't quote me on that.

You can read others' posts -- and see pictures and videos -- here on the project wiki. Maybe you'll meet some library students you want to start reading. (I recommend Lezbrarian, for a start.) Enjoy the glimpses into different types of library student life and all the ways we integrate our studies into our other work and home commitments.

It's not too late to join the blogging/tweeting/otherwise updating crew! You could also have a look at the results from this trial period (March 4-8), and decide later about joining the next round. No pressure!

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