Thursday, January 31, 2013

Goals check-in: January

Here's my end-of-the-month wrap-up regarding my 2013 goals:

Sleep! I did lots of this during school break. Also when I was sick.
I watched a movie called HAPPY, and it made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Wearing pretty clothes to work -- should do this more often!
Eating (free) fruit from the office snack baskets
Calming Manatee
While typing and listening to Netflix in the background, I realized that the intense soundtrack from Law & Order: Criminal Intent was setting my nerves on edge, so I consciously switched to Caillou. Instant mood improvement!
"Scenes From a Hat"
I found cute and inexpensive stationery and bought a few sets of mini cards (love notes, gift tags, etc.). They make me SO HAPPY!
Brownie in a mug -- easy and yummy

1 box to Out of the Closet (more in the wings)
2 garbage bags of trash (aside from our usual household output)
lots of cardboard

Spend Time and Money Wisely
I wrote a very long story about work and decided to separate it into multiple blog posts for pacing and easier consumption.
I joined Amazon Associates, because I was already linking to many books on, and I'm open to being compensated for linked purchases.
We bought easy dinner fixings or takeout on a few nights of sickness, because having dinner is important even (especially?) when you feel too lousy to cook.

Notable transactions:
  • put $10 in the busking case of a string quartet who were playing Billie Jean
  • started two new ING accounts (Adoption and Pet Medical Care) and set up regular funding transfers
  • furniture for the kitchen
  • some pretty prints for the kitchen
Keep Learning
I now know that the thing that causes me recurring nasty pain is called my sacroiliac joint. Maybe that will be helpful in getting it treated. (I already learned about my iliopsoas and my IT bands, which hurt, too.)
Started Spanish lessons at LiveMocha.
Read more about open adoption (from all 3 sides of the triangle).

Try New Things
Reported a misfiled library book (it was in the bag to be returned; it's not turning up at home; pretty sure it went into the dropbox with the others) and had it flagged and taken off my account.
Pulled a deposit slip out of the back of my checkbook and sent my sweetie to the bank with money for my account. Success! (This is good, because the bank has a branch close to her work, and I can't often get there during business hours.)
Crossed off 1 thing on my 101 List:
  • 28. Negotiate a raise or benefit at work
Track Accomplishments
Well, here we are!


  1. Hi Remy, I'm hoping to see some posts about your internship very soon. You should post one each week. We're into week 3.

    1. I posted last week, after I explored the library's website during orientation. My Learning Outcomes will be up later today. I haven't done much but research yet, though, so I'll think over more topics.


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