Thursday, January 24, 2013

My job, as written for a kindergarten show and tell.

(Or a lower reading level, or as/to an alien... or just by using the "ten hundred" most commonly-used words.)

My job really isn't very hard to explain. At work, I explain to people who pay us money for games why we asked for money and when it was paid. They might be very angry about paying. I can help by taking only a little at a time, and waiting to take more until they have more money. If they did not agree to pay us (but maybe someone else pretended to be them), we give the money back. Then we make sure that the pretending person can not use our game. Sometimes people are very bad and pretend to be lots of other people so they can play our game for free and get money that is not really theirs. That is wrong and not allowed. They find many ways to hide from us. That makes us sad. It makes the people who lost money sad, too. We do our best to fix everything and make it better going forward.

I also write down how and why we ask for money, and how we want to get paid (and what happens if we are not paid). My work shows the writing to everyone. This helps people who are confused. They ask their questions, read what I wrote, and then they are not confused any more. They do not call us on the phone or send us letters. They understand better. Sometimes they can help their friends, too. This makes me happy. I like helping people understand things. I would like to help more by writing a lot, but I don't do that work all the time. I am very busy with the angry people and the pretending people and all their calls and letters.

(It just looks better on LinkedIn as "Risk Management and Customer-Facing Documentation".)

You try!


  1. I felt as if I were back in 1st grade again reading your post--(we had no kindergarten in my day and small town). So, what is your job ... and how do you get paid?

    1. I work in customer support for a software company that makes and distributes digital entertainment content (the "game"). Although I've done technical support and VIP account management (including for SJSU), I'm currently a payments specialist focusing on billing issues and anti-fraud measures. It can be easier for someone with a stolen credit card to make purchases online, rather than in a brick-and-mortar store where they might have to produce ID and/or a signature, so our hotline handles calls from cardholders and their banks. I also produce FAQs, form responses, and process and policy documentation for our internal and external wikis. (We accept payment with PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, JCB, and ACH transfer, btw.)


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