Thursday, February 7, 2013

Internship Learning Outcomes

When students participate in an internship for LIBR 294, SJSU requires them to state some specific learning objectives at the beginning of the term. I made the following three with input from the SLIS supervisor, focusing on my goals this term at Chicago Public Library.

At the end of my internship, I will be able to:
Discuss educational trends in children˙s/YA library programs with library colleagues to improve existing programs/services
Analyze recent research and present it in a short executive report
Assist in synthesizing suggestions into a comprehensive summer reading program

They're fairly simple, but I wasn't sure based on the first interactions with the site just what new skills I'd be learning. I do expect to learn lots of new and useful information on the early education topics, and about how a large public library system handles branch-spanning programs and services.

My placement this term is virtual, and it's very research-focused. I am excited about my first assignment,  which is to write a fact sheet for children's librarians about LEGO DUPLO bricks. I haven't used them myself, but before beginning the research last weekend I was aware that they were good for building fine-motor control in toddlers and pre-K children (easier for little fingers than regular-sized LEGO). I know I'll want to discuss cleaning techniques to avoid spreading germs, and I'm experimenting with different ways to cite my sources in a fact sheet. The assignment is due on Monday the 11th.

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