Thursday, February 28, 2013

Goals check-in: February

Here's my end-of-the-month wrap-up regarding my 2013 goals:

Oven-roasted brussels sprouts are like candy!
Asked for support during a blue spell.

boxes to Out of the Closet
garbage bags of trash (aside from our usual household output)

I cleaned out the bathroom cupboards (a tall narrow closet behind the door) and tossed expired or half-full lotions and potions. That felt a bit wasteful, but the products probably aren't effective at this point. I organized the rest enough that I now know that I don't need the toothpaste coupon I picked up, and we probably won't need to buy shampoo or conditioner for the year! A few things still in their packaging got donated.

Spend Time and Money Wisely
I met briefly with a fellow local student at her public library job and learned a bit about the application process.

Notable transactions:
  • additions to my working/casual wardrobe
  • non-dairy soy-free Earth Balance spread

Keep Learning
I attended a screening of a short film on single-payer healthcare, as practiced in Canada, and how it compared to private insurance in the U.S. It really made me mad to consider how many people are uninsured from inability to afford health insurance, and how many more delayed or avoided medical attention because they cannot pay for it, with or without insurance. I've been in both camps myself, and I'm in a time of transition in many ways regarding health, health insurance, eligibility, and affordability of care. The film was screened at the public library and presented by people involved with Healthcare For All California.
I read a bit about the platypus. I hadn't known they were venomous!
This urban farming program takes volunteers and interns/apprentices, and it's a lot closer than our friends' farm in Washington! I could also work full-time or near full-time while putting in the required hours, after graduation.
As part of a class assignment, I scanned 5 years of The Library Quarterly and came across interesting research about race.
Selected things I Googled: union suit, igorot, anti-itch gel ingredients, crack of dawn saying, hunger games valentines, how polio transmitted, mean HR lady pregnant, pope news, pronounce endive, prosopagnosia, Cambridge Face Memory Test, no wisdom teeth, small striped beetle, origin name condoleezza, brownies coconut oil, are credit card numbers unique

Try New Things
Started Lent and went off dairy products (as much as possible; the idea being to reduce my lactose intake).
Before that, added shredded cheese to boxed mac & cheese: yum! creamy!
Tried coconut oil -- to cook with, for my skin, to feed my cats (they LOVE it!).
Also tried coconut-milk ice cream. Meh.

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