Sunday, July 29, 2012

August Bonus Round

In addition to my goals for 2012, I add month-long bonus goals.

For August:

Reorganize the pantry and kitchen cabinets.
Our housemate will be moving out mid-month, so this is an excellent opportunity to rearrange our stuff in the apartment and clean up the cupboards that need it. I love having a well-stocked pantry, but that includes making sure everything is accessible, not yet expired, and easily-checked for inventory purposes.

Sell stuff.
There are a few large items and several shelves of books that we're ready to give up -- first stop for the books is Amazon; for the furniture and one-off pieces we'll try Craigslist, then Freecycle.

Close storage unit.
With an extra (though tiny!) room now vacant, and especially in light of the increased rent, it makes sense to move the rest of our belongings into the new "office" and stop paying a monthly storage fee. Hopefully we'll be ready to do this at the end of August.

Book honeymoon.
Our flights have been set since April (free with True Blue points!), but the rates for Halloween Haunt 2012 don't go up until August. My sweetie's in charge of booking our room and admission tickets, hopefully in a package that will reduce the price somewhat while getting us the individual items we need.

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