Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stories from the Silk Road, by Cherry Gilchrist

Stories from the Silk Road
by Cherry Gilchrist
illustrated by Nilesh Mistry
80 pages
Cambridge, MA: Barefoot Books
ISBN 9781841488042

7 folktales from Asian countries from China to Persia, accompanied by exotic illustrations.

The stories in this anthology are illustrated with intricate figures of humans and animals, on a background of desert scenery and fabric embroidered with paint. The clothing of the characters is particularly detailed! Text is kind of long, but the tales are uncommon and interesting.

This storybook would be an appropriate accompaniment to a 6th- or 7th-grade social studies unit on the Silk Road. The stories are well-suited to being read aloud, and of course they are arranged in the order the geographical locations would be encountered as one traveled the famous trade route (pictured on the endpapers). In addition to the stories, there is an introduction that discusses the history of the Silk Road and a brief "Did You Know?" section with kid-friendly facts.

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Media: gouache

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