Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sign of the Seahorse, by Graeme Base

The Sign of the Seahorse: A Tale of Greed and High Adventure in Two Acts

by Graeme Base
44 pages

New York: Harry N. Abrams
ISBN 9780810938250

Pearl Trout and Bert Soldiercrab are star-crossed lovers in an underwater drama written in verse.

Graeme Base, author and illustrator of the immortal Animalia, brings the ocean world to life with his vivid, complex illustrations and whimsical verse. In the story of bottom-feeding street gangs, crustacean militia, and underwater mafia, the innkeeper's daughter Pearl fall for Bert, a crab who looks dashing in uniform. Through the trials of war and several missed or mixed-up messages, the two lovers lose track of each other and have many adventures. Students in grades 5-8 will enjoy hunting through the illustrations for hidden clues, discussing the implications of ocean pollution, and puzzling out the poetry of this charming tale.

Author Info
Media: acrylic paint

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