Thursday, December 5, 2013

Food This Week 22

Is everyone surviving their Thanksgiving leftovers? We had more than I'd planned for, which is really a lovely worry. Extra food (a HUGE banana squash, soup, garlic, and packet of ham from my mom, donuts from a coworker, cupcakes we had an expiring voucher for at a nearby bakery) made appearances several times. My wife brought home a whole bunch of extras from her work's catered dinner (she had to work a midnight shift on Thanksgiving), so we've had turkey cottage pie, turkey soup, and plates of plain leftovers for a while. She made a mole de pavo that's on the menu for tomorrow after we run some errands. Everything's been repurposed and eaten or frozen by now, but it will reappear! (Spaced out a bit, though.) I don't think we need anything from the grocery store this week, either. We'll see how boxed mac & cheese tastes with almond milk, which is all I have in the house...

Produce Box
None this week, but we've had plenty from leftovers and the last week's box. I thought the red chard was beyond help, but it turns out that -- wilted with some turkey broth and garnished with chopped ham -- it was a big hit even though the greens had sat in the fridge for a week.

Friday: sushi; turkey tacos (cheese/turkey mole/corn tortillas from freezer, last baby tomatoes) / SPA & SHOPPING DAY / VET APPT / LIBRARY
Saturday: stuffed shells / mole and tortillas; White Elephant party / MAKE CUPCAKES
Sunday: hoecakes, bacon; leftovers or turkey barley soup / OPEN HOUSE?
Monday: canned soup, toast; mac & cheese, green beans or broccoli
Tuesday: turkey barley soup, bread or crackers; fish sticks, rice, cranberry beans / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday: c; split pea soup w/ ham / MAKE SOUP / FREEZE HAM / SLOW COOKER APPLESAUCE?
Thursday: split pea soup w/ ham; lamb shoulder stew w/ potatoes, roasted cauliflower / SLOW COOKER

Newly added:
  • turkey barley soup
  • sliced turkey breast
  • chicken broth

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