Thursday, December 26, 2013

Food This Week 25

Wow - with a whirlwind of holiday with the family and some scheduling mishaps that seemed to shorten the event, I was happy to fall into my bed last night after dragging piles of presents inside from the car. Highlights this Xmas:
  • a red cloth coat
  • hers-and-hers Sonicare brushes
  • 4 large Kilner jars for pantry storage
  • a homeowner's journal, in anticipation of our upcoming status
  • a fancy rolling pin (for my sweetie)
  • roast beast dinner
  • turkey dinner
  • hiding all of my sister's presents and leading her to them on Xmas morning! (in the garage, on the bookshelf she asked for)
Produce Box
Produce this week contributed by my mom. :) She sent us home with celery, green onions, grape tomatoes, and avocados. (Not to mention leftover pumpkin pie! And a turkey carcass with plenty of meat for soup.) And we have a big squash from Thanksgiving with my folks, which should now be divided and have half roasted for meals and half sliced up and frozen uncooked.

Friday: chicken wraps, sliced pear; pork tamales, salsa rice, beans
  • diced tomatoes
  • tomato sauce
  • shredded cheese
  • chicken breasts
  • whole chicken
  • spiral-sliced ham
Saturday: beef burritos; pick-up supper (hummus, veggies, chicken, rice)
Sunday: eggs & bacon & potatoes; leftover tamales, applesauce
Monday: canned soup, toast w/ cheese; pasta w/ spinach pesto, squash
Tuesday: turkey barley soup (frozen), toast, applesauce; lamb (slow cooker), mixed veggies, squash / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday: chicken pot pie / leftovers or PB sandwich, squash; ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes / NEW YEAR
Thursday: mac & cheese w/ ham, steamed broccoli; beans & rice, squash, bok choy

Newly added:
  • turkey carcass
  • more stock scraps

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