Thursday, December 19, 2013

Food This Week 24

Last week saw multiple restaurant meals and potlucks -- the social season is truly upon us! This week's menu includes big family meals at other people's houses, so the meals we eat at home will be fairly simple. Both of us have to work on the 23rd (and my wife works during the day on the 24th), but we'll be with my parents and sister and the extended family for Xmas Eve and Xmas Day.

Produce Box
None this week -- and although we had one scheduled for December 24th, I cancelled it (we'll be away). I'm stopping service in 2014 (it's me, not them -- I encourage you to sign up!), so if all goes well our last delivery will be on the 31st. (If not, then the last was last week, and that's okay, too.)

Friday: split pea soup w/ ham; game hen w/ lemon, roasted carrots and potatoes, applesauce / THAW CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS
Saturday: turkey barley soup; slow cooker sticky chicken drumsticks, mixed veggies, rice
  • flour tortillas
  • eggs
  • marshmallow fluff/marshmallows
  • chocolate chips
  • evaporated milk
  • cooking oil
  • Martinelli’s
  • veggies for platter
  • hummus
Sunday: eggs & toast; applesauce, leftovers / XMAS OPEN HOUSE / THAW BLACK BEANS
Monday: black beans & rice, mixed veggies; pasta w/ spinach pesto, applesauce
Tuesday: bean/rice burritos, raw veggies; family dinner / XMAS EVE
Wednesday: family brunch; family dinner / XMAS / MOVIE / MAKE FUDGE?
Thursday: eggs & bacon & potatoes, homemade pizza

I seem to only be taking out stuff nowadays. :) Last freezer update of 2013 coming up next week!

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