Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Analytics Update

Addendum to my previous post -- and a special request.

Pageviews finally touched down again, at 4:00 this morning (Pacific Time). That makes almost two weeks of constant hourly viewing. But it's bouncing right back up again, so that much is good.

Even better: this month, my total pageviews are the highest they've ever been! August numbers (to date -- we have a couple of days left, after all) almost double the previous high point back in May. So we're at just over 2700 pageviews this month.

These are the most popular posts of all time:
Student Loans: My Plan to Graduate Debt-Free (a Women's Money Week post)
10 Things I Don't Have or Buy (or Need)
Supermarket Savings
Saving 50% of My Income (a Women's Money Week post)
I'm Too Lazy to be an Entrepreneur (a Women's Money Week post)

And -- perhaps surprisingly -- Inside the Titanic by Ken Marschall, which was a post for LIBR 271A.

Can it get to 3000 before September comes? Have a look at the archives and share a post with a friend!

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