Thursday, August 2, 2012

Same Difference, by Derek Kirk Kim

Same Difference
by Derek Kirk Kim
96 pages
©2011 (new deluxe edition)
New York: First Second
ISBN 9781596436572

Friends Simon and Nancy muse about what adulthood means.


This multi-award-winning graphic novella consists of minor escapades of two twenty-somethings, spinning their wheels, and not quite sure where life is leading them. Simon is a mild-mannered Korean-American librarian living in Oakland; Nancy is a chainsmoking, bespectacled geek grrl with a wicked sense of humor. When Simon runs into a few characters from his high school days and sees how they've changed -- or not -- in the intervening years, it prompts some soul-searching on his part.

Older teens may not yet have the perspective that Simon has, but they're still searching for what it means to grow up. A brief warning for profanity is in order, but most teens won't really notice unless it's assigned for class. A bonus element of the new deluxe edition is the artist's commentary on his drawing process and character evolution.

Eisner Award
Ignatz Award
Harvey Award

Author Info

Media: pen and ink

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