Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free shipping on rental textbooks (and other discounts)

I have three new classes this term, and they ALL have multiple textbooks. That adds up quickly! I'll write a bit more about that later.

So, if you're a little behind this term -- maybe you didn't get your textbook lists until the week of classes -- here are some discount codes to help you with the high cost of textbooks.
Whenever possible, I use or a similar service to rent my textbooks instead of buying them. Usually I pay something like 20% of the full brand-new cost. When the term is over (you can rent for a 60-day, 90-day, or 130-day term), I mail the books back to CBR. (If you don't return your books, they will charge the full price. But you can always file an extension for a small fee and get your books in late!)

For FREE SHIPPING at CollegeBookRenter: FREEFALL2012

For a 5% DISCOUNT at CollegeBookRenter: FALL512
(on orders $50 or more)

For a 10% DISCOUNT at CollegeBookRenter: BND10
(on orders of four or more textbooks valued at $130 or more)

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