Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Semester Courses

Today is the first day of instruction for Fall 2012. I've gotten through a whole year of grad school! Now I start the second half. I think it's going to be just as busy.

While I'd hoped to take a couple of youth services/materials courses this term (like LIBR 260A -- Programming and Services for Children Ages 0-8), the reshuffling and cancelling of sections with low enrollment meant that I ended up enrolling in a different mix. (I suppose I can review the video clips from former students on my own time.)

LIBR 282 Project Management
We will examine project management roles and environment, the project life cycle, the major project management techniques including traditional, agile, and extreme, project management approaches and tools, and how to control and evaluate these approaches effectively to achieve better outcomes strategically.

LIBR 287 Web and Social Media Analytics: Assessing their effectiveness
We will examine key principles of social capital in service organizations and how social capital is built and measured in the context of social media. Using case studies from libraries of all types, as well as government, business, and non-profit organizations we will analyze how to use social media tools in a concerted effort tied to metrics and results. This course will further provide methods of reporting these metrics in summary and visual form to organizational stakeholders.

LIBR 287 Web Search

This course focuses on search techniques, tools, and content needed for conducting Web-based reference and research using search engines and diverse sources that comprise the Deep Web....  Students will examine Web resources and learn basic and advanced techniques for answering both simple and complex questions with Google, Bing and an array of alternative and specialty search engines.

In the spring, I will have 9 credits left, and 6 will be taken up by requirements: a research methods course (LIBR 285 -- which should offer a section on Youth Services) and my e-portfolio (LIBR 289). I also hope to take a second internship, this time at a public library, for 3 credits (135+ hours).

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