Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer term is over!

Phew! THAT was a VERY packed ten weeks. I finished my final project for 271A (of which my Top Ten list was a part) last week, and I turned in my final report about my internship at Green Branch yesterday.

Today I am rewarding myself by heading to the Imperial Spa and having a nice long soak, a Korean skin scrub, and a massage. And maybe some KFC. And I will re-read some classic Stephen King and not think about my Reading List numbers.

The rest of this week is full: date night, pastoral search committee meeting, meeting with a musician friend about a special arrangement, re-purpling my hair, housework. This Saturday I get to meet both a new baby and a new puppy -- yay! Sunday is, I think, for cooking freezer meals.

One week from tomorrow: Fall term starts. And then two months later (probably right in the middle of midterms), we have a wedding.

full wreath
(I've been working on crafts.)

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