Thursday, November 21, 2013

Food This Week 20

Thanksgiving is here! Almost. We'll be eating a minimum of 3 turkey dinners next week, because the fixings are on sale, and because I loooooove turkey barley soup. This weekend I'll make a low-key turkey dinner and put up the turkey carcass for soup and extra sliced/shredded meat for planned leftovers. On Thursday, which most people in America know as Thanksgiving Day, my wife and I will be with my parents, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandfather (and perhaps assorted others) for dinner. This is a surprising twist, because my family always celebrates Thanksgiving on Friday (an excellent tradition). We'll be doing that as well, with a slightly different cast of characters -- largely because my wife has to work a double shift. (Customer service is like that.) So I'll have a weekend with my family, and she'll have a weekend of... driving.

Produce Box
None this week. I processed the last of that big batch of tomatoes, though, and now have a base for soup or sauce in the freezer. Plus I sliced and diced the russet potatoes that were verging on sprouting in the pantry (I have another whole bag after that!) and made some homemade frozen french fries and some herbed home fries, too.


Friday: leftovers or soup; eggs & bacon & home fries
  • barley
  • sourdough bread
Saturday: eggs & toast; stuffed shells / visit w/ a friend / MAKE SHELLS (x3)
  • ricotta (which the wife will pick up from Whole Foods on her way home from work)
Sunday: oatmeal & fruit; turkey, cranberry sauce, veggies / FREEZE LEFTOVER TURKEY & CARCASS
Monday: leftover shells; eggs & toast
Tuesday: tuna sandwiches, fruit; hot dogs, sweet potato fries, green beans / PRODUCE BOX / MAKE CRANBERRY SAUCE
Wednesday: fish sticks, baked sweet potatoes, green beans; snacks for drive to Mom & Dad's; split pea soup w/ ham
Thursday: Mom feeds us; pre-Thanksgiving at Cousin L's

Newly added:
  • stewed tomatoes
  • home fries
  • oven fries

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