Thursday, November 7, 2013

Declutter: Sell Used Books

For most of two years I've been selling used books and CDs on Amazon as an independent seller. Once shipping costs are factored in, it nets a few bucks a month that have been snowflaked into our Adoption fund. It's kind of a hassle to package everything and get it to the post office during open hours, but my wife's schedule has made it possible. (And I soooo much appreciate that.)

Business has been kind of slow recently. The other month I reduced all my sale prices to match the lowest amount for that item (often $0.01 plus shipping). We sold a few more and shipped them off. And then the other day I deactivated all my listings. All gone!

Instead, the books will get packed up in boxes or big Rubbermaid tubs and carted over to Half Price Books in Berkeley. Someone tipped me off to their existence -- the biggest draw for me is that they pay in cash, not store credit, AND they'll take any books they won't buy and donate them or dispose of them properly. No appointment needed. No need to carry any rejects home.

Hopefully, whatever lump sum I get in exchange for 3 or 4 bookshelves' full will help us out with moving costs. Most notably, getting the books (and CDs, and probably a few DVDs) out of the apartment will 1) make room for packing and keeping boxes and 2) ensure that we don't have to carry this stuff to the new place, wherever that may be!

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