Thursday, November 7, 2013

Food This Week 18

November is Eat at Home month -- no restaurant food until December. The freezer has lots of meats, and the pantry is fairly full, too. With so many holiday deals at the grocery store, I expect we'll have lots of yummy meals. I am especially looking forward to the traditional post-Thanksgiving turkey barley soup.

Produce Box
None this week, and I missed the veggies.


Friday: chicken noodle soup / leftovers; taco bowls / FREEZE LEFTOVER BEANS
Saturday: eggs & toast, fruit; sticky chicken, rice

  • whole frozen turkeys (2)
  • canned soup
  • frozen veggies
Sunday: leftover chicken drumsticks, rice, baked apples; pizza / THAW CHICKEN / MAKE BISCUITS / THAW BEAN SOUP (3)
Monday: bean soup, biscuits; eggs, soldered potatoes
Tuesday: leftovers (chicken? beans/rice), fruit; chicken breast, biscuits, broccoli / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday: [WORK LUNCH] / bean soup, fruit; pizza, oranges
Thursday: leftover lunch or oatmeal & fruit; fish sticks, wax beans

Newly added:
  • spinach pesto cubes
  • bean soup
  • salmon tail

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