Thursday, August 29, 2013

Food This Week 8

Finishing out the month and using up odds & ends... it's another week of pantry and freezer cooking, which is how I like it! We had a ton of eggs to use up, so I hardboiled a dozen for proteiny snacks. That means I can pack one for lunch and not have to be near a stove. The rest will keep (uncooked in the fridge) until we manage to fry them all up. I found a different brand of almond milk on sale, but it proved unsatisfying -- definitely thinner and less creamy than the store brand we've gotten before. I won't use it to make pudding... but it's an excellent excuse for cocoa!

Produce Box
No box this week. The peaches from last week were yummy, but started to mold quickly (once those patches were cut off, the rest was sweet and juicy). Everything else is gone, and so is the month's grocery budget, so we're short on fruit and veg until the next box comes. I'm missing sweet corn! But there was lots of leftover salad from the office lunch, so I  packed up some of that and brought it home. Salad is one of those things I'm happy to eat if someone else makes it, but I never have the capacity to make one at home, clean it up, and make sure it all gets eaten before going south.

Friday: leftover salad and bread, fruit from work / leftover pasta w/ meat sauce; baked chicken, candied yam, roasted cauliflower / TAKE OUT CHICKEN IN PASTA SAUCE
Saturday: cocoa, eggs & potatoes; lentil soup, leftover cauliflower
Sunday: lentil soup, eggs; breaded chicken and pasta / MAKE RICE
Groceries (first day of September shopping):
  • ground beef
  • corn
  • red bell pepper
Monday: rice & black beans, fruit from work; mac & cheese, broccoli
Tuesday: leftovers; quesadillas, beans & rice, sliced red bell pepper/ TAKE OUT POT ROAST / PRODUCE BOX

  • cheddar cheese
  • tortillas
  • hamburger buns
  • veggie tray
  • parmesan cheese
  • whole chicken (2)
Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH] / leftover beans & rice, steamed broccoli, nectarine; taco bowls, raw veggies, plums
Thursday: leftover work lunch or oatmeal & fruit; pot roast & carrots w/ noodles / TAKE OUT PLAIN CHICKEN BREAST and BBQ CHICKEN

Excellent progress in rotation of frozen foods. We tried the homemade nut-free pesto that I froze into cubes in the ice tray -- tasted very fresh! I also pulled out the stock scraps and made chicken stock in the slow cooker, deciding not to buy chicken broth after all just yet.

Newly added:
  • chicken stock (homemade, in cubes and in small freezer bags)
  • LOTS of chicken breasts

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