Thursday, August 1, 2013

Food This Week 4

This is an off week for the produce box; we have a couple overripe nectarines and the two potatoes left from last Tuesday's box (and the white corn I bought earlier in the week), but will mostly be eating frozen veggies unless I come across a very good produce special. I've started splitting lunch into two meals most days, because we're not eating together during the week and often have some leftovers to use up that will only feed one. My wife doesn't seem to mind, as long as she gets fed.

Is leftover meatloaf ever a bad thing?
CC by rick (Flickr)

Friday: leftover pasta w/ meat sauce / [sweetie is off work and may have tea with a friend]; roast chicken and potatoes w/ veggie mix
Saturday: eggs, quesadillas, nectarine; meatloaf, leftover potatoes, peas
Sunday: beef ribs, corn / leftover meatloaf, corn; pot roast, rice, leftover veggies (or frozen) / [farmer's market volunteer] / TAKE OUT CHICKEN SOUP
Monday: oatmeal & fruit; pesto tortellini, corn, fresh tomatoes

  • tortillas
  • eggs
  • mayo
Tuesday: leftover pot roast / chicken soup; taco bowls / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH] / leftover taco bowl; tater tot casserole, tomatoes, applesauce
Thursday: leftover work lunch or oatmeal & fruit; pasta w/ meat sauce, broccoli

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