Thursday, August 15, 2013

Food This Week 6

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Produce Box
Not this week. Still working through last week's plums and oranges. The avocado was ripe on Tuesday and we had it in our lunch burritos. A couple of our own tomatoes and strawberries have come off the fire escape planters, too. :)

Friday: leftover meatloaf / pulled pork burrito (or leftover goat stew!), fruit; baked chicken, rice, broccoli
Saturday: tuna fish sandwiches on English muffins or focaccia; pot roast, egg noodles, carrots, peas
Sunday: chili & rice; chicken and dumplings

  • potatoes
  • chicken broth (raincheck)
That'll pretty much do it for the August grocery budget (the one I chopped in half from last month), but we have plenty of supplies in the house and a new produce box arriving. Unless there's a major sale on something I can't pass up or make up later, no more shopping until September.

Monday: rice & leftover masala sauce, peas, fruit from work / eggs, toast & jam; mac & cheese, broccoli, fruit
Tuesday: leftover chicken & dumplings; hot dogs & oven fries / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH] / hot dogs; leftovers, roasted cauliflower / SET UP SLOW COOKER

Thursday: leftover work lunch or oatmeal & fruit / eggs and toast; lamb (slow cooker), red potatoes, peas

Added the following:
  • cauliflower (one large head, chopped into florets)
  • sourdough bread (bought)
  • cooked and seasoned black beans (3 bags)
  • sliced pound cake (baked)
  • lamb shoulder chops (5 bags)

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