Thursday, August 22, 2013

Food This Week 7

Happy circumstance: Mint categorized a purchase of school supplies at the grocery store as Groceries; once that was corrected, I have about $30 more to use for food this month. *cheer* I'll be restocking butter and flour, I think, and maybe getting some apples for applesauce. And treating myself to almond milk. (Cocoa! Pudding! No lactose!)

Produce Box

The haul this week (I FINALLY got a picture!) was all orange and green: 3 yams, 4 bunches of baby broccoli, 2 peaches, 2 pluots, and an avocado! (We get their small fruits & veggies box every other week.) We were supposed to get some oranges as well, but they must have run short; instead there are bananas that my wife will appreciate. They're green also, just now.

Friday: cocoa, toast & goat cheese; black beans & rice, broccolini; grilled cheese date
Saturday: eggs & potatoes, pluot or peach; leftover lamb, veggies, orzo salad
Sunday: orange, toast & goat cheese; pesto pasta; hamburgers, oven fries / BAKE 2 YAMS
Monday: baked yams w/ goat cheese, leftover broccolini; nachos
Tuesday: _____________I don't know yet! Sometimes there are blank spaces._________ / goat stew, rice; pasta w/ meat sauce
Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH] / leftover pasta w/ meat sauce; tilapia w/ frozen veggies & rice / TAKE OUT CHICKEN
Thursday:  leftover work lunch or oatmeal & fruit; baked chicken, baked potato or yam

I can see the back wall now! Added the following:
  • herbed goat cheese (TJ's had the three-pack we like; so I popped 2 rounds in the freezer)
  • goat stew (left over from an event the missus attended)

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