Thursday, October 17, 2013

Food This Week 15

My wife and I are headed out of town this coming week, on a trip to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. I planned it all and managed to keep my mouth shut even when I was dying to tell her (she wanted it to be a surprise), and there will definitely be some yummy restaurants on the itinerary. The meal plan for this week is therefore very simple! Just know that we will be enjoying fresh local foods from our B&B, at least one picnic lunch, and a variety of dinners that neither of us has to cook.

Produce Box

I chose to skip this past week's delivery; we had enough fresh fruit in the house already, and some frozen vegetables, and didn't want anything to go bad while we are gone. However, there were plenty of tomatoes!

Friday: leftovers or oatmeal & fruit; leftover lamb & risotto
Saturday: eggs, toast, applesauce; hamburgers, oven fries, sliced tomato
Sunday: migas; potluck picnic; eat up leftovers / MAKE SOMETHING FOR PICNIC (plum crumble?)
Monday: pack picnic lunch; OUT OF TOWN
Tuesday: OUT OF TOWN
Wednesday: OUT OF TOWN
Thursday: OUT OF TOWN; dinner out


Added this week:
  • shredded mozzarella
  • mushroom gravy
  • veggie stock
  • ice cream

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