Thursday, September 26, 2013

Food This Week 12

The grocery budget is spent (and I went a little over, too, with some bulk purchases that will last a while). And we have no room in the freezer for the mountain of chicken drumsticks I saw on sale, either... but I still wish I could stock up. I want to try this sticky chicken recipe. Or maybe this one. Ah, well -- the sale cycle will come around again. My wife's out of town this weekend, and I'm singing at the wedding of friends and then hitting the Big Book Sale, so it will be a few days of eating up odds and ends and single servings.
Produce Box
No box this week, but we've been eating fruit. The planter tomatoes are almost done. There is plenty of broccoli in the freezer. I bought two five-pound bags of apples.

Friday: leftovers; leftovers or hamburger, fruit, baby carrots (if any)
Saturday: egg & toast, applesauce; [wedding food]; veggie beef soup, toast / WEDDING
Sunday: apple w/ PB, smoothie; pasta w/ red sauce, broccoli / BOOK SALE / FREEZE RED SAUCE / SHOPPING
  • cheese (really, that's it -- I have some stuff coming in the mail)
Monday: leftover pasta, string cheese from work; garlic baked potatoes, broccoli, applesauce
Tuesday: [something -- I dunno]; taco bowls (green chile ground beef from freezer)
Wednesday: [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH]; chicken w/ baked potatoes (slow cooker)
Thursday: chicken wraps; hot dogs, mixed veggies

Newly added:
  • small bag of applesauce
  • more chopped onion
  • scraps for stock

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