Thursday, September 12, 2013

Food This Week 10

The freezer is just about as full as it can be. I FIIIIIINALLY was able to get a specific brand of fish sticks I've been craving for a couple of months -- and at a very good price (BOGO plus manufacturer's coupon). I managed to squeeze in 4 Cornish game hens, which were BOGO twinpacks, but had to pass up the BOGO chuck roasts. I moved the Pedialyte pops (still there, although my epic sickness was a couple years ago now) into one of the refrigerator drawers, since they're sealed and won't go bad when liquid. Instead, I've been making ice pops (they're a fun way to use up our stash of herbal tea) in a small mold, but I have to remember to return the little plastic sticks to the sink afterward. The cats like to play with them. The plan, following our decision to move at the end of the year, is to keep stocking the freezer and pantry until November, when we'll begin to eat it all up instead of shopping. Groceries will be light this week, though.

Produce Box
No box this week. Sadly, the fruit from last week's box went off in a hurry. We've been eating prepped veggies from a grocery tray and pulling tomatoes from the planter. Veggie scraps (potato peels, broccoli stems, carrot tops) went into a bag in the freezer, destined for stock. Some of the celery will probably go in there, too, as I don't much care for raw celery stalks.

Friday: leftovers; salmon, broccoli, scalloped potatoes / TAKE OUT CHICKEN / START ROAST IN SLOW COOKER
Saturday: hamburgers, oven fries; veggie beef soup, toast / MAKE VEGGIE BEEF SOUP / REHEARSAL
Sunday: fish sticks, rice, raw veggies; roasted chicken, chicken-rice mix (from the pantry), frozen veggie mix / VISIT A FRIEND
Monday: lentil soup, quesadilla; pesto pasta, tomatoes, garlic bread
  • plums
  • tortillas
  • garlic bread
Tuesday: veggie beef soup, fruit from work; leftover chicken & rice mix, garlic bread, orange / PRODUCE BOX
Wednesday:  [WORK PROVIDES LUNCH] / leftovers; [DINNER OUT]
Thursday:  veggie beef soup, fruit from work; fish sticks, oven fries, plums

Newly added:
  • salmon
  • fish sticks
  • broccoli
  • hot dogs
  • game hens
  • ice pops, but they're transient

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