Wednesday, May 9, 2012

San Francisco one-bedroom apartment: $2500/month+

Yep, we live in an area with a very high cost of living. This SF Gate article talks about rental prices and why they're so high. $2500 is more than a mortgage payments in some places... and that's about what a small apartment in the city goes for. (I hear it's worse in Manhattan, but I live here.)

And that is why 3 people live in my one-bedroom apartment. And we got lucky, at that. The rent here's below the average -- and they allow cats.


  1. How do three of you get on in a one bed? Does someone sleep in the living room? Sounds tough!

    1. Yup. My sweetie and I took the living room as our bedroom (there's two of us, we have the bigger bed, we have cats and it's not carpeted). It has a door and closet and everything, and more windows than the bedroom. The landlord and building manager said it was fine by them if we could handle it. It really would only work with 3 introverted individuals without a lot of stuff.


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