Monday, May 21, 2012

Expense Tracking Challenge: Week 3

Expense Tracking Challenge hosted by Mom's Plans -- Join in and share your expense tracking posts if you like!

For my posts: Variable expenses will have dollar amounts; recurring expenses like rent and bills won't unless there's something unusual going on.

Week 3 (May 2012)
no-spend day

no-spend day

$42 dinner out for date night
$4 non-food groceries

no-spend day

$10 lunch out at work (leftovers fed both of us for dinner)
$3 big ol' Specialty's cookie
$132 ($112 plus tax and shipping) my WEDDING DRESS!
$10 deposit on a custom favor order from Etsy
$30 Clipper card
$14 pet meds via Amazon

$8 milkshake for sweetie, fro-yo for me after a nice long walk together
$16 completely unnecessary splurge on this super-awesome As Seen on TV slushy-maker

no-spend day
(I was treated to some belated birthday fun: went to lunch with my friend and and got our nails done, then modeled the dress for her)

Amount spent: $269 ($127 on stuff that is not wedding stuff)

This weekend kicked off my mini-summer vacation (two weekends with no school and no church, until I start summer term). I went sans tech -- turned the phone and laptop off for 48 hours -- and kicked back and RELAXED more than I've been able to do for most of a year (definitely since winter break, which was still full of obligations). I read three books, napped with both cats, enjoyed a lot of sunshine (although I missed the solar eclipse yesterday), volunteered at the outdoor reading room hosted by Green Branch Library and read Dr. Seuss to little kids and their parents, received my wedding dress in the mail (and it works! All the things about it I that I wasn't sure about are better than expected), hung out with a good friend, made some frozen lemonade slushies, and generally enjoyed myself.

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