Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crazy Love: engagement photos on the Embarcadero

To observe (and celebrate!) my short break between Spring and Summer terms, I'm posting a few photos that were taken at the beginning of the month out at the San Francisco Ferry building. I guess you can call it an engagement shoot. :)

We hit a handful of locations in and around the Ferry Building with our photographer and then moved down the Embarcadero a little bit to Cupid's Span (the giant bow and arrow sculpture near the SF ballpark).

It was windy! (This is normal down by the bay.) We both spent lots of time wrangling our long hair out of the way. And perhaps this was not exactly the right skirt.

At one point someone else's dog decided to join the shoot...

And as the sun slipped behind the city, we called it a day.

All photos © 2012 Sarah Deragon. Sarah has just launched a new aspect of her SF photography business... celebrating LOVE! Check it out at Knot Shots Photography. (Or perhaps you need a not-so-corporate headshot? A family photo for holiday cards? A treat for a mama-to-be or recent graduate? All of those and more are covered under Portraits to the People.)


  1. Aw congratulations! Great photos (especially the top one and the one in the bookshop). Made me laugh about the skirt - totally not wind-appropriate!

  2. You both look beautiful, happy and in love. Congratulations!


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