Monday, May 7, 2012

Expense Tracking Challenge: Week 1

I don't often blog in exact numbers, but to participate in the Expense Tracking Challenge hosted by Mom's Plans, I think I will for a little while. (Join in and share your expense tracking posts if you like!)

Variable expenses will have dollar amounts; recurring expenses like rent and bills won't unless there's something unusual going on.

Week 1 (May 2012)
no-spend day

credit card bill
$40 toward Clipper Card (This expense is funded, pre-taxes, with a special debit card, and usually it's automatic, but I left my darn card at a friend's and had to get a new one and pay out-of-pocket in the meantime.)

$45 30 champagne flutes from Craigslist, delivered

$10 11 saucers (Corelle) and 4 small tin buckets (IKEA), from Craigslist
$9 non-food groceries
$4 I had a sorbet craving and made my sweetie go back to the store for it.
cell phone
storage unit

$10 Clipper card
$20 OTHER Clipper card (I got it back!)
$16 Clipper card

no-spend day (was locked inside with my term paper; people brought me vegetables)

no-spend day

It felt like a big spending week because of the cash outlay for wedding items and the weirdness of having to repeatedly load up my Clipper card. It came out to $154.

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