Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peak pageviews!

Woo-hoo! August closed strong, sweeping past that target of 3000 pageviews to almost exactly double May's 1650. Total at the end of the month: 3293 pageviews.

I expect that in six months or a year, I will look back on this post and shake my head, smiling. Let's hope it's because I've far exceeded those numbers, rather than because no one comes around anymore.

Now, it's off to brunch -- fuel for delving into the contents of the storage unit that now occupy most of our bedroom and a chunk of the common space. This is what I came home to last night:

So... yeah. In order not to be living in an episode of Hoarders, I'm going to be sorting through a lot of that this weekend. Marking lots of the books for sale. Deciding what we really want or need to keep, and beginning to make arrangements for the removal of the rest. Maybe making a run down to the thrift store to drop off. I have some costume pieces that might be sold on Craigslist now that people are starting to think about Halloween.

And maybe at the end of a weekend of homebodiness (is that even a word?), we'll swing by a friend's barbecue and relax for a bit. I don't think I even have much in the way of homework. We can set up an iTunes playlist for the wedding. Oh, and I can redye my hair! Domestic bliss.


  1. congrats on your growing blog! It is always exciting to see some growth : )

    1. Thanks -- I'm a little bemused, as it's only a hobby (I REALLY don't have time for another full-time gig), but it's nice that people drop by for a look. (Even nicer when they comment!)


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