Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goals check-in: September

Read 100 books in 2012.
Up to #95. I had someone ask me how I make time for reading, and I had to think it over. I've just always done so; if I didn't read as much as I do, a) my life would be very different, b) I wouldn't know what to do with myself on public transit, and c) I'd probably lose my mind completely. I need that me-time to function.

Exercise for 
90 minutes per week.

This has not been happening this month either, and it stresses me out.

Get rid of (sell, donate, recycle) 80 items from the house by the end of the year.
There will be more; a big box is ready for donation this month, and probably a third of the stuff from storage will be donated, sold, or given away to friends.

70 posts for this blog in 2012.

Only 8 new posts this month, for a running total of 153. I've been handling schoolwork and wedding planning at high volume.

Volunteer 60 hours in 2012.
I'm starting to think that this goal was well-intentioned, but not the best match for my life this year. Again, I spent time doing church things (and I guess about 3 hours filling in for a Board member at an event would count), and I wrote discussion questions for Read Aloud and sent emails to the volunteers.  But that's all I can remember.

Save or donate 50 percent of my take-home income.
In September, I saved 175.7% (thanks to side income and a big bonus check) and donated 10.7% of my net income. (I'm counting the cash I applied to the accounts, not any interest earned.)
Here's how it broke down:
Emergency Savings: 55% I received a bonus of about 10% of my annual salary. Taxes took a big chunk of it out for now, but I split a bit off to add to emergency savings and tagged the bulk of it for vacation savings. The balance recovered from a tax refund will also go in here.
Xmas 2012: 0% Stopped saving.  Might be done for the year; adjusted overall goal.
Wedding: 0% Done. I hesitate to say it 3 weeks out, but it looks like we'll come in under budget. Anything extra will be added to vacation savings.
House Fund: 0% Stopped saving.
Grad School: 29.6% A good month for Amazon sales and credit card cash-back rewards (from August and September).
Roth IRA: 4.3% 
401(k): taken from paycheck; 5% of gross income; not counted in this total
HSA and medical FSA: taken from paycheck; not counted in this total. (FSA saving is complete for the year -- now I have to spend it!)
Investments: 86.8% I finally had a windfall! Most of my bonus check was put into short-term investments at, to fund the 2014 Big Vacation.
Church Pledge: 8.7%
Other Donations: 2% Benefit concert tickets and a personal donation to a friend's friend's friend's healthcare emergency.

Distribute 40 business cards by the end of the year.
Fell down on this. I haven't had much time for networking. But I did find a dream internship for Spring and am applying this week!

Spend 30 days without a phone or computer in 2012.
I spent more techless time with my sweetie and by myself, which is good, but never a full day. There was always some detail or bit of scheduling or contact that needed it. That's a running total of 4 days with no phone OR computer, and 4 more days with no phone. Maybe there'll be more during the honeymoon!

Be able to do 20 pushups at once by the end of the year.
Completely abandoned. Bah!

Write 10 recommendations on LinkedIn in 2012.
No more to add this month. Doesn't look like I'll make this goal by the end of the year.


Reorganize the pantry and kitchen cabinets. NOT DONE
I haven't found the time to make this happen. But some of the pre-steps, like getting a Dustbuster and clearing out the fridge, have happened.

Reorganize the kitchen and office (former bedroom). IN PROGRESS
The office is happening, slowly. There's still a sofabed in the kitchen that needs to GO, but I'm leaving that up to my sweetie. We have too much stuff.

Invite friends over. NOT DONE
There's just no way -- it's a shambles. My friend's birthday carnitas dinner will have to be very belated.

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