Monday, June 4, 2012

Learning Outcomes APPROVED

For an internship (LIBR 294) at SLIS, a student must provide in his/her application several Learning Outcomes by which performance in the internship will be evaluated. Because my summer internship was being created at the last minute, my application went in just before the semester ended, and I had to revise my Learning Outcomes. They've now been approved -- and we begin the term today -- so here's what I will be focusing on at Green Branch:

1) At the end of my internship, I will be able to create themed learning units and assign corresponding materials (out of an existing children's collection) for display and discussion.

2) At the end of my internship, I will be able to present to children and their caregivers age-appropriate materials in a manner that facilitates comprehension and engagement with the topics.

3) At the end of my internship, I will be able to develop a children's collection by evaluating and selecting appropriate titles for ages 4 to 14 in accordance with ALA/ALSC principles.

In order to learn these things, I'll be performing a number of tasks over the 10-week term, probably including most of the following:
  • Understand, describe and discuss in detail the mission and objectives of GBL, at a level suitable for professional networking, media promotion, and fundraising.

  • Design a cataloging scheme suitable for a small and rapidly growing children’s collection serving the local public.

  • Create an online database to provide library staff access to the titles in the collection and their relevant details.

  • Plan themes for the weekly reading room displays and assign corresponding materials out of the existing collection.

  • Read aloud at storytime and make reader's advisory recommendations to children and caregivers.

  • Research the core themes of GBL, evaluate and select appropriate titles to add to the Amazon wishlist, and publicize the need for these specific contributions through social media.

  • Update and modify the GBL blog and other social media to promote current activities and achievements and to strengthen the GBL online brand. (If I do this, I'll be collaborating with another volunteer.)

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