Friday, June 8, 2012

Holy bookbag, Batman!

I believe I used to have this T-shirt.

As the summer term begins, I've started to calendar out (yes, I used "calendar" as a verb) the work I'll need to do for the 10 weeks of the term. Between what's needed for my full-time job and the 2-credit internship (about 10 hours a week), I'm really glad I'm only taking one other class. It has so much reading!

About two-thirds of the final grade for LIBR 271A (Picturebooks for Older Readers) comes from developing a database of 60 excellent picturebooks suitable for grades 5 and higher. To find these 60 excellent books, I can expect to at least skim 100 or so, and pay closer attention to several more than the 60 I wind up choosing. So... 10 picturebooks a week? Maybe more. I'm not sure my local library branches are up to the challenge! I may have to go exploring.

I'm glad I've made lots of headway on my 100-book challenge for the year, because I don't foresee much free reading time over the next couple of months.

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  1. I love reading books! I wish I could super-speed-read so that I could read all the ones I want, without having to worry about the time. :-)


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