Monday, March 26, 2012

Down to 95 Things

I've been playing around with the Day Zero Project, which is kind of like a bucket list and kind of like a to-do list. And, boy, do I love to-do lists!

Here's my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days list.

Now, these are not all things that I have never done but want to do someday. Some fall into the category of "I did that once, and it was great" or "I haven't done that in forever, and I miss it" or "I should do more of this".
See a show at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Go berry-picking
Ride a bike
Attend a Zumba class
Go see a live musical

Some are things I've been meaning to get around to, like:
Find out my blood type
Change all my lightbulbs to CFLs
Register as a potential bone marrow donor
Get a passport
Put together an emergency kit

Some are intended to make me stretch a little, learn something new, or get out of my comfort zone:
Eat something I've never eaten before
Donate an entire paycheck
Participate in a flash mob
Go vegetarian for a month
Make a video and post it on YouTube
Sing the national anthem for an event
Finish at least 10 5K courses; improve time by 10 minutes
Take Spanish lessons

Some are expected big steps as my life changes:
Land an internship
Get married
Get a master's degree
Write my will
Register with an adoption agency
Have LASIK vision correction
Pay back all my grad school loans

Some are just to remind me to have fun!
Try on a wig 
Play hide and seek in IKEA
Buy flowers from the farmers' market
Make Granddad's fudge
Have a romantic weekend away
Toast marshmallows over a fire

When I feel bored or like I don't know what to do next, I can pick a goal from the list to move forward with. And when I wonder why I feel so busy, I am reminded that I'm "in progress" with, oh, about 9 goals at once right now! On top of my other 2012 goals.

I can tell that the next couple of years are going to be exceptionally busy and full. I like it that way!

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